World War 2 History Tour

Especially suited to those interested in Santo’s famous World War 2 history During World War II, particularly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the island was used by Allied forces as a military supply and support base, naval harbor, and airfield. The presence of the Allies later contributed to the island's diving tourism, as the United States dumped most of their equipment and refuse at what is now known as 'Million Dollar Point'.  Another wreck off Espiritu Santo, the SS President Coolidge, is also a popular diving spot. The SSPresident Coolidge was a converted luxury liner that hit a mine during the war. On this trip back into time you will get to see the famous Fighter and Bomber strips, the old American Hospital, PT Boat base along with Million Dollar Point. Also included is a visit to a famous plane crash only discovered in 1996. The informed commentary of your tour guide will bring help to bring this bygone era back to life. This tragic chapter in history should never be forgotten by all of us that now enjoy the life so many others fought to preserve.
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